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Our Story

Serving customers nationwide, Global Factors was formed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, to offer assistance to fellow business owners throughout the country. As a finance company, we understand that small businesses form the backbone of the United States, but must often overcome many obstacles along the road to success.

Barriers To Success

One of the most prevalent hurdles facing small business owners is having adequate working capital and cash flow on hand to maintain day-to-day operation of the company, while also planning for the future. A company cannot grow if they must forego potential growth opportunities because there is no cash on hand to capitalize on the situation.

Experienced Assistance

With a founder and management team that has collective experience totaling more than 100 years, we work tirelessly to offer financial guidance to individuals and businesses. Over the years, we have assisted companies in many different industries, including: 

• Service Providers
• Staffiing Companies
• Real Estate Development
• Energy
• Consulting
• Manufacturing
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Our Services

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Small Businesses benefit the most from accounts receivable factoring, because often these are a small business’ greatest asset.  Global Factors will purchase your open invoices at a small discount, and advance you cash right away.  In other words, you receive immediate cash flow on outstanding invoices without incurring new debt.

Is cash received today worth more to you than cash received tomorrow?  The answer to that question is most likely YES!  It does not take long before a small business has a lot of money tied up in their unpaid accounts receivable.  When it comes to this point, small businesses can no longer supply new products, fall behind on payments to suppliers, or worse.  Having increased cash flow not only solves these problems, but will allow you to negotiate better terms with vendors, replace old equipment, expand operations, take on more business, and increase profits—all without creating any debt!

If you’d like a free quote on an accounts receivable factoring arrangement, contact Global Factors today and let us help your small business get the cash and the edge it needs to compete and be successful!

Purchase Order Factoring 

Purchase Order or P.O. Factoring is a common solution when a client does not have sufficient capital to fulfill an order. This situation may occur with a start-up or with a company who receives an unusually large order, and the costs of raw materials and production make accepting the order impossible without some type of financing. Global Factors can help in two ways. First, GF can offer to provide the client's supplier with a Vendor Assurance Letter. This letter guarantees the supplier that funds owed for raw materials and production will be deducted from the client's account upon shipment of the product.  A check will be mailed directly from GF to the supplier. As a second option, GF may use the purchase order as a basis for an advance, and a letter of credit can be established for the supplier which guarantees payment upon delivery of the product.

Don’t turn away a lucrative opportunity because your business lacks the capital to produce the order—let Global Factors help you get the capital you need fast to fulfill that order and avoid having your customer go to one of your better capitalized competitors.  Contact GF today!

Credit Card and Cash Advances

If your small business needs working capital now, and has a reliable income stream from future credit card and/or cash transactions, Global Factors may be able to advance your small business funds against those future receipts.  GF will purchase a set dollar amount of your future Visa/MasterCard or other sales at a discount. Then, through an automated process, we seamlessly collect the agreed upon amount by debiting a small amount from each day’s or week’s total transactions.  Basically, we get paid as you get paid.  Use that cash to buy new equipment, repair old equipment, or purchase supplies. 

Don’t let new business slip away! Contact Global Factors today to ask about our Credit Card Factoring advances, and get the working capital you need now!

Asset Based Lending/Spot Loans

In some cases, factoring arrangements make good business sense for fast, easy cash advances.  But sometimes, a traditional loan arrangement works better.  If your small business has a substantial amount of assets to put up as collateral, such as equipment, real estate, or inventory, maybe a more traditional asset based lending arrangement is the right solution.  Depending on the value of the asset and the length of the repayment period, our spot loans can be established very quickly and get you the working capital you need now.  Contact Global Factors and speak to one of our specialists about your business cash flow needs today! 

Payroll Funding

As a small business owner, ask yourself these questions:

Are you a small business with less than $5 million in sales?

Is payroll your company’s largest expense each month?

Are you tired of keeping an unproductive investment in cash to cover your payroll each period?

Want to use cash reserved for one or more payroll periods for more productive uses?  Expansion?  New equipment?  Raw materials?  Closeout deals?  Better terms with suppliers? 

Need cash but can’t get a loan from bank and don’t want to create personal debt through credit cards or a second mortgage?

Considered factoring invoices or purchase orders but want a different short-term maybe even one-time solution?

Introducing Global Factors and its Payroll Funding Program

Through our creative Payroll Funding program, we will cover your employee wages, benefits, and all the expenses associated with your payroll each pay period so you can use that capital in more productive ways for your business.  Our program is designed to free up strategic working capital so your business can capitalize on opportunities to generate profit without worrying about meeting high payroll obligations.

If your business is growing rapidly, it is likely that your payroll has grown as well.  If your payroll expenses have grown 15% or more in the last year, you are a perfect candidate for our program.  Most of our clients meet the following criteria:

Ø  Been in business for at least one year

Ø  Business may be cyclical with lumpy revenues, but unrelenting fixed costs

Ø  Have profit margins of at least 25% or more

Ø  Payroll is one of largest expenses at 30-40% of sales

Ø  Growing rapidly but lack of additional capital prevents business from getting to next level

Ø  Access to working capital through loans, credit, or other means is limited or non-existent

Ø  Interested in retaining full ownership and not willing to take on partner for cash infusion

And the number one common thread…if cash was available today as opposed to sitting in reserve for non-productive payroll, a meaningful profit could be generated.

How Does it Work?

After your payroll is covered by Global Factors, we set up a long term installment repayment plan that allows you to make very small payments out of cash flow.  The cost of capital in most cases is dwarfed by the profit generated from having this newfound cash to put to work.  Most businesses need one dollar of working capital to support $8 in sales, so having cash from two, three, or more payroll periods to reallocate could increase your company’s sales by 30% or more!  The advance pays for itself, you can expand your business, and your employees never miss a penny in payroll.  

Give your business the edge it needs by accessing strategic working capital in an otherwise tight credit environment.  Contact us today to learn more about our Payroll Funding program, and receive a free media kit to learn more.  At Global Factors, we take pride in supporting U.S. small business…one company at a time.

Other Solutions

No matter what line of business you are in, no matter what size your company is, no matter how much funding you need, the executives at Global Factors can tailor a creative funding solution to fit your needs.  The bottom line for your business is the most important number, so when your cash flow dries up and new business opportunities or even day-to-day operations seem impossible, contact GF to find out which of our programs can help your business get the capitalization it needs to succeed and compete.

We serve a variety of industries including construction contracting, transportation and trucking, foods services, health care/medical practices, manufacturing, publishing, staffing and consulting, and/or any consumer services company that allows their customers to pay by credit card.

To find out how we can help your business fast, contact Global Factors today!


Building Relationships

With our wealth of experience, we have been able to build an extensive network of relationships in various industries. Our ability to work with various structured lending products and innovative funding solutions make us the perfect partner for you and your small business. Striving for superior customer service and support at all times, we will allow you to focus on running the company while we seek ways to improve your cash flow and give your enterprise the resources needed to support growth.